About Us

Heritage Hospitality Furniture is an international and domestic provider of custom hospitality furniture based in Atlanta, Georgia.  With our partners in the United States, South America and China, we create value for every hotel type: economy, midscale, upscale or luxury. Each of our partners has unique offerings that can be explored to see which best fits the budget, scope of work, and time frame of the customer.  Our domestic casegoods and upholstery operations provide quality construction and shorter lead times for those customers committed to supporting USA manufacturing.  Our South America partners are well suited for high end hotels, typically located on the east coast, that require cost competitiveness and shorter lead times,.  Our China partners are considered one of the premier manufactures in Asia and are well suited for high end hotels that require cost competitiveness with longer lead times.


Heritage Hospitality was founded eight years ago by Nick Hart.  With 40 years experience in hotel furniture sales and manufacturing Nick was one of the founders and President and CEO of Decca Hospitality Furniture from 2001 to 2010.  Anthony Adair, who joined Heritage in 2017 was the Director of Procurement at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts having spent 16 years there.  Anthony and Nick have a working relationship that encompassed those 16 years and are now working together to share their experience with the industry.   

We would love to speak with you about your unique project.